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Goddess Yoni Tea

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Having mostly the same benefits as the yoni steam herbs, this Goddess tea helps women to balance daily. Women are strong and busy individuals taking on the day with many tasks. Goddess tea will help as you sip throughout the day bringing harmony to your body. It helps in providing the following benefits:

*menstrual pain *thyroid health *vaginal prolapse *fertility *heart health *hormone balance *vaginal lubrication *vaginal odor *menopause *immunity *postpartum *iron *blood pressure *stress, anxiety and depression *arthritis *acne, eczema and other skin ailments *inflammation *PCOS *insomnia *sharpen memory *libido *digestion *pleasant mood *headaches *cholesterol *can help with weight loss *endometriosis *cysts and fibroids *restful sleep *amenorrhea *hemorrhoids *more...

Qty. 30 tea bags to fill

**Be careful when taking certain medication such as for thyroid. Please consult your doctor.

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