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Organic Lotus Flower

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A Lotus Flower grows in muddy water and is still one of the most beautiful flowers. Our womb represents the lotus flower weathering the storms of life. Through growth it remains strong, unique and beautiful. As each petal opens one by one, it represents the components of growth. Faithfulness, spiritual connection, rebirth, purification, love and compassion and enlightenment are a few of the many expressions of the womb. This blend of natural herbs help bring forth deep relaxation and detoxification while allowing a connection of female energy and treatment of the following issues:
*bottled up emotions
*menstrual cramps and bloating
* vaginal itch and dryness
*heavy menstrual flow
*uterine fibroids
*ovarian cysts
*uterine weakness and prolapse
*bacterial infections
*ph balance
*c-section scar
*vaginal looseness
*urinary tract infections

**Not for internal use. External use only.

One bag has 1-2 uses.

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