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PregGlow Tea

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This tea is created with love to help pregnant women have a smoother pregnancy. Time to glow in your pregnancy.

All pregnancy safe herbs to support your body and fetus.

Benefits include: promotes calm nerves, reduces tension, helps nausea/morning sickness 🤮, Flatulence 💨🙊, insomnia/fatigue, digestion, reduces hemorrhaging after childbirth, tones pelvic/uterine muscles 💪🏽 getting you ready for delivery, keeps you hydrated 💦, boost immune system, kidney health, preparedness for rich supply of breastmilk 🍼🤱🏽, eases anxiety and reduces stress

Steep one tea bag in boiling water for 10 minutes. Add raw honey for a delicious taste. One bag can be reused all day.

Includes 14 tea bags.

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