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Pink Grapefruit Pum Pum Scrub

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Pink Grapefruit salt scrub-This sweet and citrus filled salty goodness helps to exfoliate (removal of dead skin cells of) the mons pubis and labia majora while relieving itch, help maintain bacteria free skin, reduce inflammation, replenish and regenerates skin cells and have tightening effects. Can also be used on inner thighs.

Salt does better on some skin as opposed to sugar. Gentle exfoliating scrub for your pum pum. Helps to get rid of scarring, razor bumps, ingrown hairs, discoloration, stretch marks, help to heal cuts and bruises.

Make sure to use it on your skin above your vagina opening making sure not to use it inside and you can use it on your inner thighs to treat chafing and discoloration leaving your skin smooth.

Use a teaspoon to tablespoon sized amount (depending on the size of the area) and gently scrub into your skin for 60 seconds then rinse with water.

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